imageSaxenburg Guinea Fowl Red Bottle
Saxenburg Guinea Fowl Red Bottle
Saxenburg (South Africa)

Saxenburg Guinea Fowl Red

Blend Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon / Shiraz  
Position in Vineyards  Every cultivar grows on the correct position and soil conditions for optimum quality 
Average Age of Vines  5 to 9 years  
Viticulture Practice  Trellised, summer pruning for lower yields and drip irrigation only to support quality 
Yield per Hectare  3-5 Tons/ha 
Time of Harvest  Every cultivar on its own between middle of Feb. till end of March 
Vinification Details Selected full ripe grapes fermented with yeast but no sulphur in open tanks at 29 degrees C. Plunging and pumping over four times daily and skin contact after fermentation of 2 weeks was allowed. Malolactic fermentation finished with natural bacteria in the tank.
Type & Size of Oak Barrels  This blend matured for 6 months in used French and American oak barrels
When Bottled  Middle of July with only a course filtration prior to bottling
Maturation Potential  Up to 3 years
Winemaker's Comments  This blend is ready to enjoy now, but will mature into a more complex wine. The natural balance of it will compliment game, red meat or full flavoured meat dishes as well as pasta and pizza. An ideal wine for better casual meals and occasions.