Telteca Winery (Mendoza, Argentina)

Uma Coleccion Torrontes

UMA COLECCION receives its name from the aboriginal term PACHA-UMA, which means “Mother Earth”. And with Mother Earth as our inspiration, we have made a wine that invites you to experience something different…

Grapes                        100% Torrontes

Region                        Barrancas, Maipú, Mendoza, Argentina

Altitude                      850 meters above sea level.

Vinification                Cold skin maceration for 6 hours, during the pneumatic press. Controlled fermentation using selected yeasts. The process was carried out at a low temperature to enhance its fresh and fruity characteristic aromas. Stabilization and rapid bottling, avoiding exposure to air.

Winemaker’s Comments

 Color                          Bright yellow with green tones.

 Aroma                        Expressive nose; citric aromas stand out along with delicate floral notes.

 Flavor                        Fresh, vibrant and intense. Great balance between fruit and acidity.

 Food Pairing            It can be either enjoyed by itself, or as an ideal partner with goat cheeses, and seafood. Excellent pairing for spicy food and Thai as well.