Telteca Winery (Mendoza, Argentina)

Telteca Roble Malbec

Telteca means “ripe fruit” in the Huarpe aboriginal language. The Huarpes were the tribe that originally lived in Mendoza. The Telteca line was created as a token of appreciation and admiration for the Huarpe people, who were the creators of our acequias, the narrow ditches used to distribute water to irrigate the vineyards and nourish the vines that will in turn yield their best “ripe fruit.”

Grapes                       100% Malbec

Region                        Barrancas, Maipú, Mendoza, Argentina

Altitude                      850 meters above sea level.

Viticulture                  Espalier training system. Controlled productions. Drip irrigation. Manual harvest.

Vinification                Traditional, with selected yeasts. Temperature during fermentation is kept between 79°F (26ºC) and 83°F (28ºC).

Aging                          Once the malolactic fermentation has been completed, the wine is aged in American oak for 6 months. Then, the wine is bottled and aged for another period of 3 to 6 months.

Winemaker’s Comments

Color                          Deep red color with purple hues.

Aroma                        Ripe plums stand out on the nose, with delicious secondary notes of caramel.

Flavor                        Smooth, with soft tannins and balanced acidity that contribute to a very pleasant mouth feel.

Food Pairing              Grilled red meats, lamb, pork. Pasta with spicy sauces. Risotto. Grilled vegetables.