imageLunatic White
Lunatic White
The Luna Collection (USA)

Lunatic White

Blend                         Pinot Blanc 33%,  Gewurztraminer 33%, Muscat Canelli 33%

Region                       Napa Valley, California, USA

Vineyard                   The Lunatic White is an Alsatian style blend with and Italian twist. Pinot blanc and Gewürztraminer are common grapes found in the cooler growing region of Alsace along the French and German border. Grapes for this blend were sourced from the heart of Sonoma. Pinot blanc is a genetic mutation of the well known Pinot noir grape. Gewurztraminer is a German varietal noted for intense aromatics. Muscat canelli originates from the northern Italian region of Italy and is typically used to make sparkling wines. We found our canelli in the beautiful rolling hills of Paso Roble.

Winemaking              These individual varietals were classically fermented in steel to preserve the delicate aromas that are characteristic of these wines. After fermentation, they were cleanly racked of their lees and sealed airtight to age until ready to bottle. The three wines were aged separately and then blended prior to bottling.

Winemaker’s Comments

Intense lemongrass and ripe pear fill the nose of the glass. This wine is full of contradictions and charming mysteries. It is a trifecta of Pinot blanc, Gewurztraminer, and Muscat canelli, each providing a balancing force in the blend. The Pinot blanc is delicate in aroma, imparting zesty lemongrass and citrus. The Gewurztraminer boasts abundant ripe pear. The Muscat canelli rounds out the wine with notes of honey and mango, filling your mouth with warm, succulent flavor. But, the wine is much more than the sum of its parts…insanely good!