imageKokomo Sauvignon Blanc
Kokomo Sauvignon Blanc
Kokomo (California, USA)

Kokomo Sauvignon Blanc

Grapes                                    100% Sauvignon Blanc

Appelation                             Dry Creek Valley

Harvest                                  September

Vinification                            Tank Ferment & 4 New Acacia Barrel Ferments

Vineyards                              This 100 acre Timber Crest Vineyard is located off Dry Creek Road on the valley floor. The Sauvignon Blanc vineyard actually borders Dry Creek. The soil composition of this vineyard is Yolo Sandy Loam and the clone is 01EH. Our canopy management included an extensive amount of leaf pull at the basal leaf zone to filter in plenty of sunlight to the cluster

Winemaker’s Notes              Sauv Blanc was picked in two separate picks 10 days apart. By having the natural acidity and more citrus components of the earlier pick, and the more viscous mouth-feel and tropical components of the later pick, we were able to create a highly complex Sauv Blanc. To further add to complexity we barrel fermented 20% of the wine in Acacia wood barrels. This Sauvignon Blanc has depth of palate with loads of complexity that you typically do not see from the varietal. With aromas of pear, apricot, guava and a hint of tangerine, the palate showcases rich and round notes of citrus finishing with vibrant balanced acidity.