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Kokomo (California, USA)

Take me to Kokomo - Handcrafted wines from Sonoma, California

Kokomo Winery was started in 2004 by winemaker / owner Erik Miller. Naming the winery after his hometown of Kokomo, IN, Miller decided on a Coastal Cypress tree for the logo to signify his move out west.

Located in beautiful Dry Creek Valley, the winery produces ultra-premium wines with a focus on single vineyards. The focus of Kokomo Winery is to make the best wine possible from only the finest vineyards of Sonoma County. We believe that our small production techniques and relationships with growers allow us to make wines that are individual and unique as the vineyards they were born from.

The thing that makes our wines unique from other wines is the attention to detail that each wine incurs.  When we say our wines are "handcrafted", we are referring to our ability to check each and every barrel used in production to ensure the finest quality wine ends up in your glass.

Our main goal is to craft each wine individually to represent the true character of the varietal and the terroir of the vineyard.

At Kokomo we view wine as the sixth food group.  Our goal is to produce wine that is "food friendly" and complements whichever dish it is paired with.   A glass of wine is going to show more depth and complexity when paired with food. 

It is also very important to us that you should be able to enjoy a glass of our wine without food and still be able to taste the fruit, varietal character and nuances the wine offers.

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