imageLA SPINETTA Il Nero di Casanova Sangiovese Bottle
LA SPINETTA Il Nero di Casanova Sangiovese Bottle

LA SPINETTA Il Nero di Casanova Sangiovese

Denomination Sangiovese IGT
Variety 95% Sangiovese, 5% Colorino (a Tuscan indigenous grape that gives color)
Average production 120,000 bottles
Average yield per ha 3,000 bottles
Vinyeard  80% from Casanova, Terricciola, Tuscany, young vines 20% from Sezzana, Casciana Terme, young vines
Type of Soil  Calcareous,  ocean sediments
Average Age of Vines  6 years
Average altitude 250 m
Vineyard Size  45 hectare
Special characteristics South exposure, embracing the Casanova winery
Time of Harvest Middle of September
Cellar LA SPINETTA Casanova
Vinification Details Alcoholic fermentation for 7-8 days at controlled
temperature, malolactic fermentation in oak
Aging Entirely in medium toasted French oak for 9 months
Bottling Transfer to stainless steal vats for 2 months before bottling, aging in bottles for another 2 months
Specialties  No filtration and clarifying
Release 13 months after harvest
Winemaker's Comments  Color:        Intense ruby red
Bouquet:   Scents of ripe berries, cherries, plum and coffee
Taste:        Full bodied, sweet tannins, balanced fruit, wood and acidity, fine finish
Food Pairing Ideal with grilled food, pasta and meat
Evolution 10 years
serving temperature
16-17 degrees Celsius