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Cristall Russian Vodka (Russia)

When only the best will do and Compromise is Unacceptable®, you want Cristall® Russian vodka.

Cristall Signature Series® Russian vodka is distilled using time honored techniques to produce a superior experience for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Our multi-filtering through quartz crystals and carbon granules from true Russian birch creates the definitive Russian vodka. Bold yet smooth, flexible yet uncompromising, you will agree from your first taste that Cristall Signature Series® is truly superior.

You will find no other Russian vodka of comparable quality at the moderate prices offered by the Cristall Signature Series®. Other vodkas in the price range are, simply stated, not even close. Cristall® offers a truly world class Russian vodka at a truly reasonable price.

When Only Truly Superior Russian Vodka Will Do

With an upscale image and a new look which is nearly as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate, Cristall Signature Series® adds distinction to any cocktail party.

Whether you are serving vodka straight up or on the rocks, or need smooth Russian vodka to add that perfect touch of class to your favorite cocktails, Cristall® delivers. Warm, pleasing to the palate, with a solid finish, you can always serve Cristall® with confidence, even to your most discerning guests.

Discover for yourself why publications and organizations as diverse as Swank Martini Company, American Mixologist, The Spirit Journal, The Winestreet Journal, Wine Enthusiast Magazine and The Beverage Testing Institute count Cristall Signature Series® Russian vodka amongst the best spirits produced anywhere in the world.

If you refuse to accept anything but the best, if you appreciate the difference that only true, superior quality offers, then Cristall Signature Series® Russian vodka is for you. Made to be enjoyed responsibly by those with a taste for the finer things, Cristall® offers a truly unique experience unequaled by other vodkas on the market.

Sensuous. Bold. Smooth. When only a superior spirit will do and Compromise is Unacceptable®, nothing surpasses Cristall Signature Series® Russian vodka.     

*Beverage Testing Institute

Gold Medal 94 Points Exceptional

**Wine Enthusiast Vodka Guide

      Best Buy - Classic (96-100 Points)

      Cristall is arguably the smoothest and cleanest vodka in the world.

      Made from winter wheat and clear glacier water

      Cristall is produced with LUXE alcohol which is considered to be the ‘Golden Ring’ – the center 5% of the distillation column which is the purest and finest part of neutral grain spirit

       Multi-filtered through quartz crystals and carbon granules made from the wood of Russia’s native birch trees. This process is five times slower than ordinary vodkas and guarantees the most purity

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